Art of Talent

We believe that addressing the talent challenges in complex organisations is an art more than it is a science. On the one hand, it is about providing people with the support and tools they need to be at their very best, and on the other, it’s about creating the right culture and environment that nurtures and supports people to perform and thrive.

This journey begins with sourcing the highest caliber HR talent for your organisation, whether we are sourcing your next CHRO or the leaders of the various HR disciplines. We are confident that with our unrivalled understanding of the market and our deep network of contacts we are well placed to advise.

We also believe that organisations deserve better than what’s on offer in the market currently when it comes to working with your talent. Many Service providers are simply taking a one-stop shop approach with particular areas of strength and weakness. Often these organisations are seen as expensive, highly commercial in the way that they manage relationships, and are often prone to silo mentality themselves. Then there’s a ‘long-tail’ of small independents where there’s a great disparity in both quality and cost.

The ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach may be appealing in terms of ease of operation and cost, but it’s unlikely to deliver what organisations need. Why? Because every individual is different, every situation is different and every organisation is different. And that means solutions need to be hand crafted, creative and targeted.

We have assembled a team of world-class Individuals covering all the key areas of the talent agenda, and we often blend their expertise to build specific solutions.

We sit down with you to understand where your pressure points lie. If these aren’t clear or easily prioritised, we have a method for surfacing them. Once we know where to focus, we’ll work with you to put an outline plan together, developing blended solutions with our members on our Art of Talent palette.

Every Individual has been hand-picked, and they work to the principles of collaboration, sharing and generosity set out in the Art of Talent Charter.

We are particularly delighted to see that one of our team, Lord Chris Holmes is sharing the stage at the Changeboard conference!

We look forward to working with you.

Porteur Keene – Founder