Showstopper! an Olivier award winning improvised musical

Session Overview

In partnership with Future Talent, we invite you to an Olivier Award winning musical that hasn’t been written yet! During this highly-immersive experience, you will co-create a full blown all singing, all dancing musical with the West End cast of Showstopper. This masterclass in improvised theatre demonstrates how top performers can create a culture where talented individuals can thrive together to deliver extraordinary results.  You will witness first-hand how shared purpose can accelerate innovation and collaboration, providing focus and direction whilst maintaining creative freedom to experiment. By the end of this unique performance you will have witnessed how engaging hearts and minds transforms a narrative into a meaningful experience which deeply resonates with the audience.

Speaker's biography

The Improvised Musical has been a rip-roaring success since the show started in 2008. It has had eleven sell-out years at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, two West End runs, an Olivier award and a BBC Radio 4 series.

It promises to be full of entertainment, laughter and surprises. Every production is a premiere!

In the show, the audience meets a writer of musicals who is on a deadline – he needs their help. The audience shouts out suggestions of a setting, musical styles and the title of the show and they’re off!

The Showstopper team – cast and band – will then weave a brand new musical in front of the very eyes of the audience, complete with hilarious characters, fabulous dance routines, beautiful songs, epic story lines, all sprinkled with the pzazz of a Broadway show.