Jim Carrick-Birtwell

Jim Carrick-Birtwell

Founder & CEO

Changeboard & Future Talent Group


Session Overview

Purpose, Meaning & Culture

Since the postponement of our 7th Future Talent Conference in mid-March 2020 we’ve been living through a global pandemic that has forced the reimagining of possibilities about how we live and work.

The Black Lives Matter campaign, catalysed by the tragic death of George Floyd on 25th May 2020, is also a defining feature, not just for this year, but for our generation.

It feels important and necessary to reflect these events in the narrative of this year’s Future Talent Conference. My hope is that we all participate in learning about ways to create more inclusive and human places to live and work. Our theme of Purpose, Meaning & Culture has never been more apt.

Our inspiring speakers will address why and how your organisation should embrace purpose, embed meaning into all of its activities, and drive value through culture, inclusion, leadership and the development of your people.

As we look ahead to 2021 and beyond and start planning beyond uncertainty, there is an opportunity for human-centric and inclusive change and sustained transformation on a hitherto unimagined scale.

I am very grateful to the brilliant Margaret Heffernan for writing the foreword to our Future Talent Conference. Drafted in September 2019, and titled ‘Navigating Uncharted Waters’, it couldn’t have been more prescient about the year to come:


Speaker's biography

Jim is the CEO of both Changeboard, a business he co-founded in 2004, and its newer incarnation, Future Talent Group. The DNA of the business has always been to be passionately purposeful about changing working lives. Under the Future Talent Learning brand it has evolved to produce virtual learning programmes, delivered for employers globally, and funded through the apprenticeship levy in England.

He is an active supporter and advocate of inclusive education to employment initiatives for both children and adults. He was concurrently the CEO of Plotr CIC from 2012 to 2016, a Number 10 and Cabinet office-backed careers inspiration platform for 11-24 year olds. Jim is on the employer advisory board of the Careers & Enterprise Company and the Barclays LifeSkills Advisory Council.

Jim read English Literature at Oxford University, and has maintained a strong interest in the theatre and performing arts from his student days (when he spent most of his time directing and producing plays). He lives in London with his wife, Rachel, and two children.

I am very grateful to the brilliant Margaret Heffernan for writing the foreword to our Future Talent Conference: https://www.futuretalentconference.com/about/