Jim Carrick-Birtwell

Jim Carrick-Birtwell

Founder & CEO

Changeboard & Future Talent Group

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Session Overview

Purpose drives performance.

Discover how to inspire, transform and grow your organisation by putting purpose at the heart of what you do.

Today, it is not uncommon that as little as 20% of a company’s value is captured on its balance sheet – a staggering decline from 83% in 1975.*

The majority of most companies’ real value is now reflected in intangible assets such as culture, people, innovation, and trust. By harnessing employees’ passion to make a difference, you can become a favoured destination for employees who routinely say that they are looking for money and meaning in their work.

Even better, you can unlock the spirit of innovation and creativity necessary to sustain growth, navigate disruptions, and redefine business as a force for good in the twenty-first century (this is also the key ingredient to survival and profitability).

Learn from our inspiring speakers why and how your organisation should embrace purpose, embed meaning into all of its activities, and drive value through culture, engagement, leadership and the development of your people.

Speaker's biography

Jim co-founded Changeboard in October 2004 and has been CEO since its inception.

He was also concurrently the CEO of Plotr CIC from 2012 to 2016, a Government backed careers inspiration platform for 11-24 year olds, and he is a passionate supporter of education to employment initiatives. He has previously owned and run recruitment businesses specialising in professional services, and started his career at the accountancy firm Arthur Andersen.

Jim read English Literature at Oxford University, and maintains a strong interest in the theatre and performing arts from his student days. He lives in London with his wife, Rachel, and two children.