Christine Armstrong

Christine Armstrong

Writer, speaker, advisor

KEYNOTE: Christine Armstrong – Lockdown and culture: what we’ve learnt

Session Overview

Maybe you had a great lockdown: many didn’t. The challenge for businesses now is to reach and include those who lost confidence, traction and networks to enable them to contribute productively in this hybrid world of work. This will be a pacy and energetic take on the unseen impacts of lockdown and practical ways to help reinvigorate our cultures and sense of purpose.

Speaker's biography

Christine Armstrong is a writer, speaker and adviser to business leaders on the future of work. She is the author of ‘The Mother of All Jobs: how to have children and a career and stay sane(ish)’, published by Bloomsbury in September 2018. The book is based on six years of interviews with working parents, employers, leadership experts and people who care for children while their parents work. The book is a finalist in the Business Book UK awards 2019. She writes for the Sunday Times, The Telegraph, Red, Grazia and is a contributing editor of Management Today.

Five years ago she co-founded Jericho Chambers, a consultancy that brings together a community of experts across the fields of leadership, communications and change, to work in a wholly flexible way. In that time she has worked extensively with the CIPD (the professional association of the HR industry) on their Future of Work is Human campaign. In this capacity she regularly hosts roundtables of HR Directors to discuss business critical questions (how to embrace AI, how to manage the pay gap, how to drive cultural change etc).

Christine has delivered keynotes and spoken at conferences including: The Economist General Council, Management Today, The Centre for London and Telegraph Women Leaders. She speaks regularly at private events for management consultancies, technology companies and law firms.

She has three daughters and is, against her own advice, an active member of the school PTA. Last year she launched plastic fishing on London’s docks with local school children and was part of a team that launched the first boat made of 99% recycled plastic.