Adam Kingl

Adam Kingl

A Return to Human-Centric Leadership

Session Overview

As capitalism has evolved, so has leadership.  We are returning, on a several-hundred year cycle, to the pre-eminence of humanity at the centre of what it means to lead. ‘Focusing on humanity’ implies recalling what followers notice first in their leaders – their behaviours.  Then, we have to ask if those behaviours provide clarity, inspiration, engagement, coherence and enable creativity.  The Renaissance was a flowering not only of the arts but of commerce, and the interdependency of those two forces.  Are we in the midst of a new Renaissance of leadership that is asking us what it means to be human?

Speaker's biography

Regional Managing Director, Europe; Duke Corporate Education, Duke University

A teacher, author and adviser, Adam is passionate about ‘leadership for what’s next’.  His book Next Generation Leadership was published in February by HarperCollins.

Previously, he served in various roles at London Business School, most recently as Executive Director of Thought Leadership. He served on the CLIP steering committee for the European Foundation for Management Development and was earlier a consultant in creativity, innovation, strategy, culture and leadership. Adam also worked in media and entertainment in both business and creative functions.  He has contributed to many publications including The Financial TimesSunday TimesGuardian and Fast Company.